Lucas Skul

Account Manager at EDG

Lucas Skul was born and raised in Ottawa, Illinois. From an early age, he found a passion for the baseball diamond. It was these years playing competitive baseball that sparked his drive to succeed. While in high school, he decided to pick up the game of basketball in the off season.

There, his coach taught him the importance of having a mind of your own. This inspired him to further his education and go to college.


Lucas enrolled at Monmouth College where he majored in Business and Economics. Though he had studies, he continued his baseball career and received several awards as both an individual and a teammate. After graduating from Monmouth, Lucas had the desire to travel. To do so, he found work on the railroad. After spending two years on the tracks in Illinois, Lucas realized that he wanted more in life. He then decided to move to California for a fresh start.


Thereafter, he found a sales and marketing company. It wasn’t until joining the company that his future and identity came to life. Immediately, he fell in love with the culture and people around him, thus fueling his ambitions. The company’s environment influenced and developed Lucas into a  strong leader. He plans to expand his vision with his teammates.


With his free time, Lucas loves to spend time with his family and friends. Since spending time with them is sometimes difficult due to location, he always finds time to call or FaceTime them. It is these relationships that keep Lucas humble, yet motivated to achieve success. He also loves to spend time on the golf course whenever he can.