Kylee Willette

Recruiter at EDG

Kylee Willette grew up in Moreno Valley, California for most of her life. She has an affinity for animals and has had all kinds of pets, ranging from turtles to dogs. Since she was a child, Kylee adored creating art and won numerous competitions throughout her high school years.


After graduating from high school, Kylee soon went off to college at the University of California Riverside. There she spent her time studying computer science and the process of building computers. Though she enjoyed learning new skills, she also realized that she loved teaching others as well. On weekdays, she spent many hours tutoring her nephew in mathematics and reading.


Kylee found her current position by a chance encounter and soon found herself swept up by the booming opportunities that are available for anyone with a student mentality and a strong will power. After meeting the energetic team and seeing the company in action, she realized she found her calling with Evolution Development Group. Kylee was excited to grow as a person by strengthening her skills and learning new ones. She was also excited to see and learn how to run a successful business. When the business expanded into Texas, Kylee eagerly followed along as their new Administrator.


During her free time, Kylee loves binge watching Game of Thrones with a hot cup of coffee. She also loves playing competitive games on the computer she built for herself. When she’s not gaming, Kylee enjoys traveling and adventuring to new places!