Jermaine Pate

Market Director

Jermaine Pate was born in California and lived there for most of his life. He’s a very athletic person and a jack of all trades. Jermaine is very competitive and would never allow himself to be beaten in any field, even if he lacks the experience. He takes the time to be a student and develops his skills, so that when it’s game time, he’s ready to aim for number one. In his youth, he was the fastest person in his whole town. He even competed in the junior Olympics! While in high school, he scored twelve touchdowns in a single game. Because of this, Jermaine was featured in his local newspaper. In essence, he is unafraid of being himself.


Jermaine decided to join the company’s team after doing his own research, and decided this is exactly the opportunity he was looking for. He shared his passions and dreams and has been working hard to pursue them since. He always pushes the same charismatic and consistent attitude in the office, while advocating to have fun and stay focused in whatever you do. He finds inspiration and excitement working with his team, and loves the fact that everyone on the team took a chance on the opportunity that was presented and that everyone is their own individual person. Jermaine is very excited about running his own business in the near future as a senior consultant.


When he finds free time, he enjoys spending it with his fiance. He loves dancing, cooking, and inspiring others to be the greatest person they can be. Jermaine has two small Yorkies and loves to learn new things whenever he can. He enjoys quotes and lives by the phrase, “Be the dumbest person in the room,” so that he will always be growing as a man, never to be stagnant.