Gian Velasquez

Account Manager at EDG

Gian Velasquez was born in Tacoma, Washington and moved around quite often in his youth. Gian is very competitive and has competed in a variety of sports like swim, water polo, track, and cross country. He doesn't always start off a winner, but he puts in the effort and time to become number one. Eventually Gian moved down to California and found a passion for playing piano and guitar.


After attending Etiwanda High School and graduating with Magna Cum Laude, he went to the University of California Riverside to study Computer Engineering. While being a fulltime student, he decided to also become a fulltime employee in sales in order to fund his living expenses. Although his family and friends had doubts of his success in business ventures, Gian continued to pursue his dreams. These challenges taught him to enhance his mentality and work ethic to be relentless. Oftentimes in college, he found himself performing piano solos with other musicians for fun.Gian preferred to play without sheet music and would express himself by freestyling in a jazz, blues, and hip hop influenced art form.


Through trial and tribulation of a few more jobs, Gian found a marketing firm in Anaheim. At first he was worried that this job was similar to his last sales position. But he graciously and most pleasantly discovered otherwise. He has since lived his life differently under the company’s wing. There he learned the importance of self mastery and growth as a man. The company taught him the value of living a happier life. They also taught him how to properly handle whatever life throws at you with purpose and clear focus, in order to achieve your goals. To be excellent for the sake of being excellent.


Besides gaming during his free time, Gian enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones, reading books with a nice cup of black tea, and building computers. He is also fond of visiting museums, shooting pool, and talking long walks on the beach with his girlfriend.