Alex Salas

Account Manager at EDG

Alex Salas was born in Lynwood, California and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California. From an early age he showed his competitive nature through various sports and academic ventures.

In his freshman year of high school, Alex made the varsity team running track and field. By the time his sophomore year approached, he was also representing his school in their prestigious academic decathlon.


After graduating with Cum Laude at Etiwanda High School, Alex attended Riverside City College. During his years at RCC he majored in Business. He soon took a pause on his studies in order to pursue the opportunity of entrepreneurship. After a couple of sales jobs, working in Best Buy’s and Costco's, he learned the basics of training and how to sell. He soon found a marketing firm in Anaheim. While being there, he began working with Carmen and the rest of the company’s team. Not long after meeting with Carmen, he was inspired by the opportunity the business presented through their management trainee program.


Shortly after being exposed to the culture and mentality of those surrounding him, he saw that the business was a perfect fit for him. A mere four months after starting, he headed to Texas to help launch Evolution Development Group! In his free time he enjoys relaxing at home and FaceTiming with his family. He and his dog, Bell, usually take daily morning walks to the dog park. When he’s not playing with Bell, Alex works out and practices parkour. He is very family oriented and would do anything to protect his loved ones.